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$30.1 million was successfully saved in a fraudulent refund with the Idaho State Tax Commission; Chairman McCray Urges Prompt Response to Verification Letters

The Idaho Tax Commission stops issuing fraudulent refunds totaling $30.1 million (PHOTO:

The Idaho Tax Commission stops issuing fraudulent refunds totaling $30.1 million

Chairman McCray Requests Quick Answers to Verification Letters

The Idaho State Tax Commission disclosed that they prevented an astounding $30.1 million in income tax refunds from ending up in the hands of identity thieves last year in an aggressive attempt to fight tax fraud and safeguard taxpayers’ money. According to a Smart News article, the strict internal procedures of the commission effectively detected and stopped fraudulent attempts by sending out over 2,400 identity verification letters, ensuring that law-abiding taxpayers receive their deserved reimbursements. Chairman Jeff McCray urged recipients of verification letters to swiftly respond to prove their identities, underscoring the commission’s commitment to both fighting tax fraud and expeditiously processing refunds.

Paying to file state taxes? You probably don't have to, Idaho tax commission  says • Idaho Capital Sun
Chairman McCray Requests Quick Answers to Verification Letters (PHOTO: Idaho Capital Sun)

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Verification Letters: Initial Notification for Victims of Identity Theft

Receiving these Tax Commission verification letters is often the first sign of suspicion for many identity theft victims. These letters are an important warning, urging anyone who is impacted to act quickly to protect their identities and avoid more financial loss. Recipients of verification letters are requested to cooperate as soon as possible to ensure the smooth processing of refunds since all income tax returns are subject to comprehensive fraud detection reviews before refunds are issued.

It is also advised that anyone who gets such letters but has not filed a return get in touch with the Tax Commission for advice on how to proceed with addressing possible identity theft issues. The Tax Commission is unwavering in its commitment to fighting fraud and defending the rights of taxpayers by working together with a range of partners, including the IRS, other state tax authorities, and financial institutions.

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