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PA Department of Revenue Launches New Tool for Property Tax/Rent Rebate Assistance – Act Now!

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Access in-person assistance for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program in Pennsylvania with the newly launched lookup tool by the Department of Revenue. Governor Josh Shapiro’s initiative aims to make government services more accessible.

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PA Department of Revenue Launches New Assistance Tool

Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue is rolling out an innovative tool to assist residents applying for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program, as reported by News Item. Developed as part of Governor Josh Shapiro’s accessibility initiative, this online lookup tool connects eligible Pennsylvanians with in-person assistance in their communities.

The tool enables users to enter their zip codes and discover nearby locations offering support with rebate applications. This user-friendly resource, created by the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA), shows the state’s commitment to enhancing citizen engagement.


PA Department of Revenue Expands Support for Property Tax Rebates

As Pennsylvania expands its Property Tax/Rent Rebate program under Governor Josh Shapiro’s leadership, the PA Department of Revenue is prioritizing accessibility and support for eligible residents. A recent enhancement includes the launch of a new lookup tool, designed to streamline the application process.

Developed in collaboration with the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA), this tool empowers Pennsylvanians to locate in-person assistance for their rebate applications. Rep. JoAnne Stehr said that it will also help Pennsylvania residents file their income tax returns.


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