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Unveiling the 5 Worst Suburbs In Boston: Challenges Beyond the City Limits!

Identifying Boston’s 5 Suburbs Facing the Toughest Challenges

Lawrence Tops the List as Boston’s Toughest Neighborhood

More and more folks are opting for the quieter life in the suburbs surrounding Boston, steering clear of the city’s hustle and bustle. But which suburbs are struggling the most? Using a method dubbed “Saturday Night Science,” researchers delved into data from the most recent American Community Survey (2018-2022) to pinpoint the ten suburbs facing some tough times. Criteria such as high unemployment rates, low incomes, sparse population density, low home values, a notable number of high school dropouts, elevated poverty rates, and a significant proportion of uninsured families were considered. Among the 24 suburbs evaluated, Lawrence emerged as the suburb with the least desirable quality of life index.

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Unveiling the 5 Worst Suburbs In Boston : Challenges Beyond the City Limits! (PHOTO: NY Rent Own Sell)

Unveiling the Suburban Struggles and Successes in the Quest for Home

This comprehensive analysis, now in its tenth iteration, aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Boston’s neighboring communities. While suburbs like Newton strive to emulate Boston’s allure, others struggle to keep up. As people seek refuge from urban chaos, understanding the disparities in suburban quality of life becomes increasingly important, guiding individuals in their choices of where to call home.

The 5 Worst Suburbs In Boston for 2024

1. Lawrence. Lawrence takes the lead as the least desirable suburb around Boston according to recent data. With a population of 88,067, Lawrence stands out for its low median income of $53,977 the highest unemployment rate at 10.4%, and the fourth-lowest median home value of $436,042. Despite being an affordable place to live Lawrence struggles economically ranking poorly in crucial areas like income and home values. Residents may find limited opportunities for spending due to the city’s economic challenges.
2. Chelsea. Chelsea, a city just 4.5 miles from Boston finds itself on the list of Boston’s toughest suburbs according to recent data. With a population of 39,890 Chelsea faces economic challenges boasting the fourth-lowest median income in the metro area at $71,051. The city also grapples with an unemployment rate of 8.9% the second highest among the suburbs evaluated. Additionally, Chelsea’s median home value of $483,659 ranks seventh lowest. Despite its proximity to Boston Chelsea struggles to provide affordable living options for its residents, with limited opportunities for financial stability evident in the data.
3. Brockton. In recent findings, Brockton emerges as one of the least favorable suburbs surrounding Boston. With a population of 104,713, Brockton grapples with economic challenges, showcasing the seventh-lowest median income in the metro area at $74,016. Further exacerbating the situation is an unemployment rate of 8.2%, ranking as the third highest among the evaluated suburbs. Additionally, Brockton’s median home value of $455,030 lands it among the bottom five. Despite the affordability, residents face limited job prospects and entertainment options, alongside concerns regarding educational attainment, highlighted by high adult high school dropout rates. Nonetheless, Brockton offers solace in its scenic parks, providing families with recreational opportunities during the day.
4. Lowell. Lowell, with a population of 114,737, emerges as another challenging suburb near Boston, recent data reveals. The city grapples with economic strain, boasting the sixth-lowest median income in the metro area at $73,008. Additionally, Lowell faces employment struggles, with an unemployment rate of 5.7%, ranking as the 11th highest among the suburbs analyzed. Further compounding the issue is the city’s housing market, with a median home value of $435,128, placing it among the bottom three suburbs. Located approximately 26.2 miles from downtown Boston, residents of Lowell may find themselves struggling to make ends meet each month, highlighting the economic challenges prevalent in the area.
5. Lynn. Recent data reveals Lynn, a suburb of Boston with a population of 100,653 facing significant economic challenges. With a median income of $70,046 Lynn ranks among the bottom three suburbs in terms of income levels. Additionally, the city grapples with an unemployment rate of 5.7% ranking as the 12th highest among the suburbs analyzed. Furthermore, Lynn’s housing market poses challenges with the median home value standing at $511,699 placing it among the bottom eight suburbs in terms of affordability. Despite its proximity to Boston Lynn struggles to provide affordable living options for its residents highlighting the economic difficulties prevalent in the area.

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