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Safe Gun Storage Tax Credit Gains Ground in Georgia Legislature

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Georgia’s lawmakers are promoting safe gun storage practices through House Bill 971. It proposes a $300 tax credit that can be used toward responsible firearm ownership.

Photo: Google

Georgia Legislators Propel Safe Gun Storage Tax Credit Forward

According to a report from WGXA, House Bill 971 proposes a maximum tax credit of $300 for individuals who will invest in safe gun storage solutions or firearm training. Remarkably, both Republican and Democratic representatives support the bill.

Augusta Republican Rep. Mark Newton, the sponsor of HB971, emphasized that they are committed to ensuring public safety and honoring the gun owners’ rights. In a report from The Current GA, Newton is proud that they got the bill out of the house, almost unanimously.

HB971 already passed the Senate Finance Committee. Georgia lawmakers are also optimistic that the bill will also get approved by the full Senate.

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Advocates Rally Behind Safe Gun Storage Initiatives in Georgia

In the report from WGXA, from the time of the shooting at Columbine High School, at least 300,000 American students have experienced gun violence at school. According to Sandy Hook Promise, the children who live in homes with a gun that is loaded and unlocked are about 4.6 million. This is a growing concern in Georgia and its lawmakers are pushing laws aimed at promoting safe gun storage practices.

Georgia Majority for Gun Safety and Georgia Moms for Change are pushing lawmakers to prioritize identifying the root causes of gun violence and respecting Second Amendment rights. Advocates still remind everyone of the need to be always vigilant and provide comprehensive solutions.

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