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Sacramento $725 Basic Income Pilot Targets Child Poverty and Juvenile Justice Involvement

Sacramento County Launches Bold Basic Income Program to Aid Low-Income Communities

Sacramento County Introduces no Strings Attached Payments for Marginalized Families

According to the report of BUSINESS INSIDER, Sacramento County is making a big move to help its poorest residents. They decided to start a basic income program that will give $725 every month to Low-Income Black and Native American families. This money comes with no strings attached and is funded by a partnership with United Way. The county hopes this will help with important issues like not having stable housing and struggling to make ends meet.

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 Sacramento County Introduces No Strings Attached Payments for Marginalized Families (PHOTO: Business Insider)

Empowering Communities and Spearheading Nationwide Change

Michelle Callejas who works for Sacramento County explained why this program is so important. She talked about how kids from Black and Native American families are more likely to be separated from their parents by the state. The goal of this program is to help families become more independent and stable. In Baltimore they giving money to young families and in Austin they are helping with housing costs. Sacramento program is part of a bigger movement to fight poverty and make sure everyone has a fair chance. It’s a big step forward and it could make a real difference for a lot of families.

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