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Navigating Tax Season in Wisconsin: Helpful Tips for Residents to Maximize Refunds, Utilize New Filing Systems, and Protect Against Identity Theft!

(PHOTO: The Wall Street Journal)

Wisconsin’s New WisTax System for Swift Returns

Navigating Tax Season in Wisconsin. (PHOTO: TechNewsWorld)

Leveraging WisTax for Efficient Electronic Filing

According to Milwaukee, Wisconsin folks waiting for tax refunds may get them quickly if they filed electronically and asked for direct deposit. But if they used paper forms or want a check it could take up to 12 weeks. There’s a new electronic system called WisTax to make filing easier. You can use it if you’ve filed taxes in Wisconsin before lived there all year and have a state ID.

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Safeguarding Against Identity Theft and Maximizing Savings with IRS Free File Program

Wisconsin residents can now use the IRS Free File program which lets eligible people file federal taxes for free. If your income is $79,000 or less you can use guided software or fill out forms online. Make sure you have all your documents like W-2s and 1099 forms before filing. Watch out for identity theft and consider getting a special PIN for extra protection.

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