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Early Filers Refunds: Michigan Families See Enhanced Benefits

(PHOTO: The Gander)

IRS Targets February 27 for Earned Income Credit Claimants

IRS Delays Some Refunds to Ensure Accuracy and Integrity

According to Yahoo Finance News, many people want their tax refunds fast especially those who claimed the earned income tax credit. The IRS aims to give these refunds by February 27 if there are no problems and the filer chooses direct deposit. They delay some refunds until mid-February to prevent fraud.

Michigan Families See Enhanced Benefits. (PHOTO: Detroit Free Press)

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Early Filers Reap Average Refunds of $3,207 Amid Smooth IRS Start

The average early tax refund was $3,207, a bit more than last year. The IRS says this tax season started well, even though it began a bit later. The earned income tax credit is important for many families, giving different amounts based on family size and income. In Michigan changes in the law mean families should file both federal and state returns to get more money.

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