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Managing Your Social Security Benefits – What You Need to Know!

(PHOTO: Choose Work! - SSA)

Understanding Social Security Benefits – Payments and Programs Explained

Your Guide to Benefits and Timing

Managing Your Social Security Benefits. (PHOTO: Solivita Living)

According to LAGRADA, in the last week of February people who get Social Security money will receive payments for SSDI, SSI, or retirement. These programs help disabled people for those with low income and retired workers. Each program has different rules about who can get help and why they get it. Social Security pays people on different days based on their birthday and the type of benefit they get. They usually pay a month after the money is due. Birthdays decide the payment date with different dates for each week of the month. It’s important to tell Social Security if anything changes like how much money you make or where you live so you get the right amount of money on time.

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Keeping Your Social Security Benefits Up to Date

If you get Social Security you need to tell them if things change. This includes how much money you make, where you live, or if you get married or divorced. Keeping Social Security updated helps make sure you get the right amount of money when you should. If you don’t tell them about changes you might not get your money when you expect it.

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