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Bipartisan Tax Relief: Kansas Leaders Unite to Ease Financial Burden

(PHOTO: Cato Institute)

Bipartisan Tax Relief Cut Plan

Bipartisan Tax Relief: Kansas Leaders Unite to Ease Financial Burden. (PHOTO: Kansas Reflector)

Kansas Leaders Team Up for Bipartisan Tax Relief

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and a group of legislators from different parties have come together to suggest a big plan to cut taxes according to the report of Kansas Office of the Governor. They want to help people save money while keeping the state’s finances strong. Unlike other ideas this plan is supported by both Republicans and Democrats and it aims to help every person in Kansas especially families and older adults. They want to lower property taxes for homeowners to stop taxing Social Security income and increase the amount of money people can deduct from their taxes. They also want to get rid of sales tax on important things like food and diapers. They’re doubling a tax credit to help families with childcare costs and making a special tax-free time for back-to-school shopping.

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Bipartisan Tax Relief Effort for Better Living

Governor Kelly and the legislators believe this plan will make life easier for people in Kansas. By working together they hope to give families more money to spend and save. They want to help everyone no matter their political party and make Kansas a better place to live for everyone.

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