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Maximize Your Wealth: Unlock Tax Savings with Smart Estate Planning Strategies

New Strategy: Upstream Basis Trust

Maximize Your Wealth: Unlock Tax Savings with Smart Estate Planning Strategies (PHOTO: Entrepreneur)

How to Unlock Tax Savings

According to Kiplinger, at a recent event called the 2024 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning a new idea called the upstream basis trust got attention. This idea can help people unlock tax savings when they sell their stuff while they’re alive. Here’s how it works: You give an older family member like a parent or grandparent a special power in a trust that holds valuable things. When that family member dies the things in the trust get a higher value for tax purposes. This means less tax when you sell them. What’s cool is that the family member might not even know they have this power and you can put limits on how it’s used.

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Unlock Tax Savings Management and Future Planning

This way of planning for your money and things shows how important it is to unlock tax savings carefully about taxes and how you manage your stuff. By using tools like the upstream basis trust, you can keep more of your money and make it easier to pass on to your family later on. Events like the Heckerling Institute show how smart people are always finding new ways to plan for the future. With help from experts, you can make smart choices about unlocking tax savings and make sure it helps your family for a long time.

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