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Working Mom And Family Had A 5-Day Luxurious Trip In Miami Using $10,800 Of Taxpayer Funds

Photo: Google

Working and stressed mom decided to take her 3 kids and husband to Miami for a luxurious 5-day trip after receiving a no-string-attached $ 10,800 lump sum from the “Strong Families, Strong Future” program for impoverished families.

Canethia Miller with her third child

Canethia Miller with her third child (Photo: Google)

Working, Stressed Mom: “I wanted to blow it. I wanted to have fun”

Instead of receiving $ 900 monthly payments from the government program “Strong Families, Strong Future”, 27-years old Canethia Miller, opted for a no-strings attached, nearly $ 11,000, lump sum. She then spent at least $ 6,000 of it for her and the family’s trip to Miami, reported by New York Post.

Miller said that she doesn’t want to look like a working and stressed mom, so she gave herself a $180 hair and nail makeover. She bought 15 new outfits for each of her 3 kids for their 5-day trip. They ate steak for dinners and her kids got new gadgets and toys. They even had a boat tour to see the city’s most expensive mansions.  Miller said that the rest of the money was found on bills and a used car.

She reasoned that she wants her children to be inspired and she wants to teach them they could someday afford on the mansions through hard work.

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Government-Funded Program Taught Mom of Saving Money For The Future

Miller was accepted as one of the mothers in the taxpayer-funded program for impoverished families. According to the Washington Post, it is designed to help those living around the poverty line.

Millers claimed that her financial situation worsened after the birth of her third son in 2022. She focused on her family and was living in a subsidized two-bedroom apartment. Her $120 monthly rent was covered by the funds she received from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families fund. She also said that she was struggling to make food stamps last.

With the government-funded program, she insisted that it taught her to save money for the future. She said that she has opened a savings account. With the confidence she gained, she is starting a remote job with a $ 30/hr pay.

Miller said that the knowledge of saving up for her kids will be passed down to them, so her kids won’t need to push so hard like what she is doing now. According to her, lots of communities don’t know about financial gain of savings for kids that’s why they are broke.

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