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Arizona State Takes on IRS in Fight to Protect Tax Rebate Funds – Are You Qualified?

Arizona AG Battles IRS Over Taxing State Rebates

Arizona State Takes on IRS in Fight to Protect Tax Rebate Funds. (PHOTO: KTAR News)

Fighting for Arizona Families Against Unjust Taxation

According to  KTAR News, Arizona’s Attorney General Kris Mayes is taking a stand against the IRS suing them over taxing a state-issued tax rebate meant to help Arizona families financially. He says it’s not fair or legal for the IRS to tax this money especially when similar rebates in other states aren’t taxed the same way. Mayes believes this tax hurts Arizona’s economy and puts an unnecessary burden on state taxpayers.

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Fighting to Uphold Tax Relief for Arizona State’s Families

The tax rebate designed to provide financial relief to qualifying Arizona families was based on previous IRS guidelines that suggested similar rebates wouldn’t be taxed. The IRS changed its tune deciding to tax these rebates which took Arizona by surprise. Efforts to persuade the IRS otherwise they stuck to their decision prompting Arizona to take legal action. Mayes is determined to protect Arizona taxpayers ensuring they get the tax relief they deserve. He insists that the federal government’s decision to tax these rebates is both unfair and against the law. With the lawsuit filed. Mayes is committed to fighting for Arizona’s residents, aiming to keep the financial assistance provided by the state where it belongs in the pockets of its taxpayers.

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