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‘Make Sure People Can Afford To Live In California’, Dem Senate Candidate sticks to $50 minimum wage

Photo: Google

Democratic Senate Candidate Barbara Lee sticks to her call of increasing the minimum wage. She said that a $17 minimum wage in 2025 is a great first step.

Democratic Senate Candidate Barbara Lee

Democratic Senate Candidate Barbara Lee (Photo: Google)

Minimum Wage Haven’t Been Raised In A Decade

“Cost of living is much too high. First, at the federal level, of course we have to raise the minimum wage. We haven’t raised it in a decade. $7.25 to $17 in 2025, OK, great first step,” Lee said.

In a Fox News report, Congresswoman Lee is not back down from her call for a $50 minimum wage for Californians. It is seven times the current federal minimum wage. She said that there is a huge affordability crisis in California. People are working 2 to 3 jobs a day just to afford paying rent and childcare. According to her, people are barely living on the edge. There should be a living wage in California.

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Raising the minimum wage actually leads to lower compensation, study showed

In a Fox News Digital, E.J. Antoni, a research fellow in regional economics with the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, said that far left politicians are so unwilling to listen to reason. He was even recommended to let these politicians pursue “all the crazy idea”.  “Don’t just stop at a $50 minimum wage, let’s make it $500. The only way that people today can be convinced of the lunacy of these proposals is to let them be implemented, and then allow people to face the ramifications.”

According to a 2021 Harvard Business Review Study, raising the minimum wage could lead to a lower compensation for employees. Some even argue that it will harm the low wage earners whom raising the minimum wage is aiming to help. Small businesses might close or lay off the low wage earners. A Congressional Budget Office report in 2019 shows that low wage workers might end up losing their jobs and, in the long run, will have a negative effect on younger workers.

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