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Washington County Officials To Educate People About The New Sales Tax

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Officials of Washington County are pushing for a local, in-the-county tax. To help it pass officials are pushing an education campaign for the tax.

Washington County

Washington County (Photo: Google)

Residents, Tourists And Businesses Will Pay In The New Sales Tax

On March 5, residents of the Washington County will be casting their ballots on whether to pass or fail a referendum for a sales tax increase. In a WNCT report, Asia Melton, who works with the county as a Lead for North Carolina fellow and part of the education campaign for the referendum, said that residents should be educated about the true facts of how this new sales tax could help the county.

The proposed tax if one-fourth of a cent, a quarter of a penny. Melton said that because Washington County or Plymouth is generally a resting area, people who are going to or coming from the beach will be taxed, as well as the prepared food and hotel. However, purchases such as gas, groceries, and medicines are exempted.

In this new sales tax, residents, tourists and businesses will be paying. She estimated the tax could bring in $ 300,000 annually.

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Washington County Desperately Need An Increase In Funds

The new sales tax is said to be more of a local, in-the-county tax, which means that the revenue generated will stay within the county. It will be up to the Washington County Board of Commissioners to decide how the money would be used. According to Melton, this new sales tax will help the county a lot and could even help prevent a property tax.

Some residents are in favor of the tax. A certain Lou Manring thinks that the county is desperately in need of an increase in funds and the said sales tax is increasing awareness of it. According to Melton, nobody will vote for it, hearing about the increased tax without being educated on its true facts. The referendum on the sales tax increase will Washington County so much that’s why officials are pushing an education campaign for the tax.

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