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Minnesota Residents Rejoice: Up to $1,300 Tax Rebates Reissued!

Reissuing Rebate Checks

Minnesota Residents Rejoice: Up to $1,300 Tax Rebates Reissued! (PHOTO: AP News)

Up to $1,300 Tax Rebates per Family

According to Gazette, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is fixing a problem with old rebate checks. They’re sending new ones to people who can get up to $1,300 tax rebates per family. About 128,000 checks will be sent by mid-March. Last year, 2.1 million people got these rebates either in their bank accounts or by mail.

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$1,300 Tax Rebates Cause Controversy

If a couple files taxes together and makes less than $150,000 they can get $520. If someone files taxes alone and makes less than $75,000, they can get $260. If they have kids they can get $260 more for each kid up to three kids. These checks don’t have state tax but have federal government taxes. Governor Tim Walz didn’t like that and said so in December 2023. If someone thinks they should get a check but haven’t got it by May 1 they should call the state. The Minnesota Department of Revenue wants to fix the old check problem and make sure the right people get their $1,300 tax rebates money. But some people are upset because the federal government taxes the checks.

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