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Governor JB Pritzker Plan Includes Child Tax Credit and Grocery Tax Cut!

Governor JB Pritzker Charts $52.7 Billion Spending Plan for Illinois

Governor JB Pritzker Plan Includes Child Tax Credit and Grocery Tax Cut! (PHOTO: Chicago Sun-Times)

Governor JB Pritzker Proposes Tax Breaks and Program Support in Budget Blueprint

According to the article of The State Journalist Register, Governor JB Pritzker shared a plan for how Illinois will spend $52.7 billion. He expects there to be a bit more money coming in than going out with a $298 million surplus. Governor JB Pritzker wants to keep supporting programs like Smart Start Illinois and Rebuild Illinois while also giving families a break by offering a $12 million tax credit for young children and getting rid of a grocery tax.

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Governor JB Pritzker Allocates $10 Million to Erase $1 Billion in Healthcare Bills

He also wants to help people with medical debt by spending $10 million to clear $1 billion in bills. Governor JB Pritzker thinks healthcare is important so he’s putting a lot of money into Medicaid. He’s also asking for extra money to help asylum-seekers who have come to Illinois, even though some people disagree with him. He believes it’s the right thing to do to help those in need.

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