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Guide For Filing Your US, Mississippi Taxes

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As a responsible US citizen and Mississippi resident, know how to file your taxes and when it is due, especially if you want a refund. Avoiding it might lead to serious consequences.

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The WHO, WHEN And HOW Of Filing Your Federal And State Income-Tax Returns

If you’ve filed your 2022 taxes last year, you’ll have an easy time doing it this year because most likely the tax rules are just the same. This year, it has started on January 29 and the deadline for filing is on April 15 for 2023 personal tax returns.

As reported by Clarion Ledger, depending on your last year’s annual income, age, and status (single, married, separated, surviving spouse) you will have to pay specific taxes. IRS Publication 17 explains it in full detail, and their online calculator can help determine your taxes to pay.

IRS has also set-up an FAQ to make it easier. If you’re still having a hard time doing it, then it might be a good idea to ask help from the tax preparers. They could be a CPA, enrolled agents, among others. But bear in mind that as they are helping you, you will also have to pay them to about $ 320, according to a study by the National Society of Accountants.

But don’t fret because if you don’t have the capacity to pay and yet you still need help, you can avail of the mostly free online return-preparation help that is the Free File Alliance. There are also almost free services offered by VITA and TCE.

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Mississippi Governor Reeves Is Pushing To Erase Personal Income Tax By 2029

For over several years, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has been wanting to phase out Mississippi’s personal income tax. Though it had been known that the House and Senate budget writers most probably will ignore the Governor’s recommendations, Gov. Reeves has been asking the legislature to spend more on economic development, highways, and the judiciary, reported by Clarion Ledger.

Gov. Reeves signed a law in 2022 which will reduce the Mississippi’s personal income tax. He aims to erase it by 2029 according to his budget proposal.

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