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Get Ready for Workfare Special Payment 2024: Everything You Need to Know About Payout Date, Eligibility, Increase, and Amount!

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Potential Increase and Program Benefits

Get Ready for Workfare Special Payment 2024. (PHOTO: IT Gujarat)

Qualifications and Workfare Special Payment Details

According to Income Tax Gujarat, the Workfare Special Payment 2024 helps people in Singapore save money for when they stop working. To qualify you must be over 30 earn a low income and be a permanent resident. The payment is $4200 per year split between CPF contributions and cash. It will be sent on February 5, 13, and 23 to those who qualify. Make sure your bank details are up to date to get the money. The amount might increase in 2024 depending on government rules. This program encourages people to work more and helps those with disabilities. It also gives better pay and savings options for young workers. You can find updates on and check your payment status on

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Application Process and Verification

To get the payment show your income for the last year and meet the requirements. This program is important for helping people save for retirement and manage their money better.

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