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When To Expect EITC Refund Via Direct Deposit Or Paper Check

Internal Revenue System (IRS) has posted the earned income tax credit refund schedule for 2024. Expected date to receive it depends on the approval date of the EITC refund and payment method selected.

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Check Your EITC Status And When To Receive It

Depending on your EITC approval date and selected payment method, expect about 4 weeks processing lead time for the IRS to send out EITC refund. The refund will be sent earlier if via direct deposit but if paper check mail, expect an addition of at least 1 week. That is, in as early as February 27, EITC refund could be sent, reported by NCBLPC.

Note that from sending the EITC returns, wait for four to six days before receiving it via direct deposits and wait around two weeks if sent via paper check.

To check if your EITC refund is approved or not, do the below. If approved, an estimate date for the refund to be sent out is also there.

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Where’s My Refund’ under Tools and Application.
  • Fill in your SSN, Tax Year, Refund Amount & Filing Status then click the Submit button.

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Expect Also Some Delays In Receiving EITC Refund

IRS’s also informed the public that if they EITC was applied to a claim for tax return, then it will have to pass through the verification process, that is, a delay of two weeks. Also, the EITC refund schedule 2024 is not fixed. There’s still a chance of delay, especially if filed during the peak period of end March to April 15, 224. Delay may even take up to 2 months.

If you still haven’t received your EITC refund despite that status that says approved, then you must contact the officials of the IRS.

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