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Governor Social Security Tax Cut Plan Reveal with Gradual Three-Year Phase-Out!

West Virginia Advances Plan to Ease Tax Burdens on Seniors

Governor Social Security Tax Cut Plan. (PHOTO: google)

Governor Jim Justice Leads Efforts for Gradual Elimination of Social Security Taxes

Governor Social Security tax cut plan to make life easier for older people in West Virginia is moving forward according to the article of Metro News. The House Finance Committee is supporting a bill to slowly get rid of taxes on Social Security benefits over three years. This idea comes from Governor Jim Justice. He wants to help seniors while also being careful with the state’s money. They want to see how other tax cuts have affected the budget before making big changes.

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Committee Prefers Gradual Approach to Social Security Tax Elimination

Some people think they should just get rid of the taxes on Social Security right away. But the committee thinks it’s better to do it gradually to avoid causing big problems for the budget. They’re building on a similar plan from 2019 that helped many West Virginians. This new proposal would extend the tax break to more people including those with higher incomes. It’s seen as a good move to keep retirees happy in West Virginia.

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