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Meet These Criteria And Receive One-Time Tax Rebate Up To $1,300

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The Minnesota Department of Revenue issued about 2.1 million rebates with a total amount of nearly $1 billion, following a law passed in May.

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Minnesota Department of Revenue (Photo: Minnesota Department of Revenue website)

Not everyone should expect additional cash from Minnesota’s Department of Revenue

Reported by The U.S. Sun, there are a few criteria to meet to be eligible for the tax refunds for the year 2021.

The one-time tax rebate shall be received by a Minnesota resident since 2021 and must have filed their 2022 taxes. Qualified recipients must have made not above $ 75,000 in 2021. If married and filed together, income should be less than or equal to $150,000. Lastly, recipients must not have been declared as dependent on anyone’s 2021 tax forms.

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Eligible recipients to receive up to $ 1,300

If met all the criteria, qualified recipients can expect to receive $1,300.

According to one-time rebate law, eligible taxpayer will receive $260 if filed as an individual. But if filed as a married couple, they can get $520 and $260 each for their dependents, up to three dependents.

The rebate payments can be received to their bank accounts through direct deposit or to their mailing address through paper check.

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