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IRS Promises Better Service and New Changes for Tax Season

Internal Revenue Service Building (Photo from Google)

As tax season kicks into high gear, the IRS promises better service and implement changes to assist taxpayers. Commissioner Daniel Werfel assures the public of the IRS’s commitment to better serve taxpayers and address concerns, including long wait times and confusion over tax laws.

IRS Promises Better Service and New Changes for Tax Season (Photo from Google)

IRS Promises Better Service: Addressing Wait Times and Providing Assistance

Lawmakers question the IRS about long wait times for taxpayer inquiries, prompting Commissioner Werfel to acknowledge the issue and commit to improving service levels. The IRS now offers a call-back option for wait times exceeding 15 minutes, aiming to alleviate frustration among taxpayers.

In a new initiative, the IRS introduces conversational voice bot technology to assist taxpayers in tracking the status of their refunds, providing a more accessible avenue for obtaining information and reducing reliance on phone support.

Concerns about the reporting requirements for individuals earning income through payment apps or online platforms are also addressed. While the IRS delayed implementing the $600 income reporting threshold, Commissioner Werfel emphasizes the need for clarity and aims to prevent taxpayer confusion.

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IRS Promises Better Service: Focus on Tax Compliance and Enforcement

Highlighting a key focus for the IRS, Commissioner Werfel underscores efforts to identify corporations and wealthy individuals evading taxes, signaling a commitment to ensuring tax compliance and fairness in the system.

While Republicans express frustration over delays in implementing certain tax rules, Werfel emphasizes the IRS’s caution in avoiding confusion and unintended consequences for taxpayers.

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