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Are your children qualified for Oregon’s new tax credit?

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By filing a tax return, qualified Oregon families can claim a tax credit of up to $ 1,000 per child, up to five children per family. Thanks to the almost unanimous decision of House and Senate.

Oregon Kids

Oregon Kids (Photo: Oregon Kids Read)

Benefits of low-income families living in Oregon

Oregon Center for Public Policy analyst, Tyler Mac Innis, said that Oregon’s new tax credit provides extra cash for raising Oregon kids. This should help low-income families to make ends meet, according to the Curry Coastal Pilot. A family earning no more than $ 30,000 a year only needs to file a tax return on or before April 15 of this year.

If qualified, a child of no older than 6 years old can receive up to $ 1,000 tax credit, as well as the other 4 children in the family in the same age bracket. This is possible due to the established Oregon legislature from 2023.

In addition to the Oregon Kid’s Credit, these families are most likely qualified also for the federal state Earned Income Tax Credit, as well as the Working  Family Household and Dependent Care credit, according to Innis.

Free tax preparation services are made available also if a family is having difficulty filing their tax returns. Or visit a resource page of the Oregon Department of Revenue or just call 2-1-1.

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Near unanimous support for Oregon Kid’s Credit

Representative Andrea Valderrama (HD-47, Outer East Portland) said that the passing of the Oregon Kids’ Credit shows that everyone can come together to help improve the lives of Oregon children and across the state, starting now.

The legislation passed the House with 51-1 vote and the Senate with 24-1 vote. Note that legislative sessions underwent weeks-long walkout by Senate Republicans. Nevertheless, their almost unanimous support will improve the lives of the Oregonians.

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