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Study To Help ‘Transgender People’ Cope With STRESS From Covid Will Be Funded By Biden HHS

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A study that will stretch into 2027 will be funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The study will help “transgender people” cope with “COVID 19 pandemic”-related financial and mental health harms.


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“Transgender People” Vulnerable To The Covid-19’s Harm To Financial And Mental Health

According to the federal spending database, Duke University and other organizations are among the recipient of the $ 1.4 million funding approved by the HHS. Description of the grant claims that “Transgender people” are “particularly vulnerable” to the “financial; and mental health harms” brought upon by COVID-19.

The study includes giving money and financial literary education to transgender people. They will then be asked to answer surveys at six-month intervals.

Most of the 360 transgender people enrolled in the study will receive “microgrants” every month during the six-month research period. At the start of the period, only one group will receive one microgrant. Also, “peer mentoring” will be given to one group of transgender people in addition to the microgrants they will receive every month.

One sub-recipient of the award is the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. HHS gave them $ 87,746 to help with Duke’s research. According to its website, the coalition was founded to “collectively address the inequities faced with the black transgender human experience.”

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Biden’s HHS Shows Support For Transgenders During His Tenure

The taxpayer-funded study also aims to advance the science related to minority stress and minority health inequalities. During the tenure of President Joe Biden, the HHS has already funded programs for transgenders.

In September 2023, HHS already released an amount nearly $ 700,000 to develop a national pregnancy prevention program for transgender males. Not only that because in May 2023, HHS also released $ 1.7 million in grants, this time to groups promoting LGBT youth acceptance.

The Daily Caller News Foundation requests for a comment from the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, HHS and Duke University, but no response has been given yet.

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