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Get Ahead: File Online as Tax Season Kicks Off in Virginia

Get Ahead: File Online as Tax Season Kicks Off in Virginia (Photo: Google)

Craig M. Burns, the tax commissioner for Virginia, has officially proclaimed that the individual income tax filing season has begun. This means that people can now file their reports electronically as tax season begins.

Get Ahead: File Online as Tax Season Kicks Off in Virginia (Photo: Google)

Tax Season Kicks Off in Virginia

Pointing up its efficacy and heightened security, Commissioner Burns emphasized the need to file documents electronically.

It is encouraged that you submit electronically, Commissioner Burns remarked. This option is both expedient and safer. We also suggest that you use direct transfer to obtain a refund if you will be receiving one.

Virginia Tax has implemented robust measures to preserve taxpayer interests as part of its ongoing efforts to combat refund fraud. To detect any odd behavior or potential fraud, submitted returns are thoroughly examined by an automated system.

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Vigilant Review Processes to Ensure Timely Refunds

Committed personnel also meticulously inspect returns that have been flagged for further investigation. To facilitate quick refund processing, it is best to file electronically as soon as tax season begins, especially if a return has to be looked at further.

Upholding the greatest standards of security and integrity, Virginia Tax is steadfast in its commitment to providing customers with an impeccable tax filing experience. The counsel of Virginia Tax and the use of electronic filing options are strongly advised for taxpayers to ensure a smooth and successful tax season.

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