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TANF in Florida 2024 Payment Schedule; How Much Will You Receive?

TANF payment schedule in Florida
TANF payment schedule in Florida. (Photo: CNET)

Thousands of residents in Florida are recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and another round of payments will be sent this February.

TANF payment schedule in Florida

TANF payment schedule in Florida. (Photo: CNET)

TANF Payment Schedule in Florida

There are around 50,000 families in Florida who are beneficiaries of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and a new round of payment will be disbursed this month of February. The amount that each beneficiary receives varies depending on the number of children.

In a published article in MARCA, below is the schedule of TANF payment for the month of February:

  • 04-06: 2nd of the month
  • 07-10: 3rd of the month
  • 11-13: 4th of the month
  • 14-17: 5th of the month
  • 18-20: 6th of the month
  • 21-24: 7th of the month

Moreover, the schedule of payment is based on the last two digits of their case number.

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How Much Will They Receive?

According to an article published in THE MANSION, the amount that each qualified families receive vary depending on their income and the number of members eligible for the program. Here are some information that you should know:

  • A family with only one eligible member, and whose monthly shelter obligation exceeds $50 per month will receive $180.
  • The payment for a family with three eligible members that has a shelter obligation above $50 per month will receive $303 monthly.

Furthermore, recipients of the Relative Caregiver Program receive $242 for each child ages 0-5 for whom they care. If the children are between 6-12 years old, the caregiver will receive $249 per child, and for dependents between 13-17 years old, the caregiver will receive $298 per child.

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