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Filing 2023 Tax return: Here Are Some Tips to Speed Up Your Process!

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As the IRS gears up to start accepting Filing 2023 tax returns on January 29, here are crucial tips to streamline the process and safeguard against identity theft. From early filing strategies to free e-filing options, stay informed to maximize your refund and protect your personal information.

Filing 2023 Tax return (Photo from TheStreet)

Filing 2023 Tax Returns

Filing 2023 tax returns early and opting for electronic filing can expedite your refund. However, filers claiming specific credits may experience delays until late February or even later due to anti-fraud measures. Learn how to navigate these nuances to ensure a swift refund process.

Early e-filing can protect you from identity theft connected to taxes. Find out how requesting an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) increases security. The IRS assigns a six-digit IP PIN to assist confirm your identity and guard against fraudulent returns.

Uncover the IRS’s three free filing options, including the Free File program, Free File Fillable Forms, and the new Direct File pilot program. Learn which option suits your needs and how the Direct File pilot provides real-time support for eligible filers in select states. Read Kiplinger’s published report for a detailed information.

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Stay Vigilant Against IRS Scams

With tax season comes an uptick in IRS impersonation scams. Stay alert to avoid falling victim to fraudulent calls, emails, or texts. Protect your personal information and report phishing attempts to the IRS.

Recognize the risks faced by tax professionals. Learn about sophisticated phishing scams targeting tax preparers and how fraudsters impersonate taxpayers seeking assistance. Stay informed to safeguard client data and report phishing attempts to the IRS.

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