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Lottery Alert: Unclaimed $2 Million Prize! Thirsty Work Pays Off as Winner Matches 5 Balls – Check Your Tickets Now!

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In a race against time, the Iowa Lottery warns that a $2 million prize purchased at a liquor store remains unclaimed nearly two months after the lucky ticket possessor matched five white balls. The winning Powerball numbers for November 25, 2023, were 33, 63, 66, and 68, which could change lives.

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$2 Million Unclaimed Sparks Warning: Lucky Ticket Holder Has Limited Time!

The winner who bought the prize in Clinton, 85 miles east of Grand Rapids, must claim it soon. Matching all five white balls might net a windfall despite missing the Powerball, but the deadline is May 23, 2024.

If no winner is found by the deadline, state programs may get the $2 million. Unclaimed lottery earnings are donated to children’s education and senior housing in some areas. According to the Iowa Lottery website, the money might help state-supported programs.

However, the winner may appear in time. Following Danny Buckelew, this would be the state’s second $2 million Powerball winner since October. Like the mystery winner, Buckelew missed the Powerball but matched all five white numbers. In Treynor, Iowa, on the western border with Nebraska, the winner increased his prize to $2 million by selecting the Power Play option, showing their prospective decision.

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Unclaimed Jackpots: Iowa Lottery’s $50K Powerball Bonanza and More – Act Now Before Rewards Expire!

The Iowa Lottery has several unclaimed rewards, including four $50,000 Powerball tickets expiring between April and June 2024. Four $30,000 Pick 4 game tickets and 80 other tickets from $20,000 to $750 await claimants.

Iowa faces similar issues as Idaho, where winners have until June 24, 2024, to receive almost $2 million in awards. After the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle awarded thousands of prize-winning tickets, lottery officials advise double-checking tickets.

As the countdown to claim these large rewards begins, gamers should scrutinize their tickets and sign the back if they win. Lotteries with high jackpots expiring shortly add suspense to the search for unclaimed wealth countrywide.

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