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Amazon Customer Dismayed as Frozen Soda Arrives ‘Destroyed,’ Considers Walmart Switch Amidst Delivery Woes

Photo from The US Sun

In a recent report from The US Sun, an Amazon shopper faced a shipping nightmare as the cold weather wreaked destruction on his soda delivery causing the cans to freeze, expand, and rupture the plastic packaging. The disgruntled customer took to social media to share the issue advising others to beware of winter auto shipments. Frustrated by the incident, he declared a switch to Walmart for future purchases. Meanwhile, Amazon faces another wave of discontent as Prime Video announces the introduction of ads to its previously ad-free streaming service.

Photo from The Street

Frozen Goods Fiasco

A disappointed Amazon customer recounts the ordeal of receiving frozen and damaged soda cans due to cold weather during shipping.

The plastic packaging tore open, and the contents were surrounded by ice, prompting the customer to voice his dissatisfaction and warn others about potential winter delivery issues.

Expressing frustration, the customer announces a shift to Walmart for future online shopping.

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Prime Video Ads Outrage

Amazon faces criticism as Prime Video subscribers express displeasure over the announcement of ads being introduced to the previously ad-free streaming service.

Prime Video included in the Amazon Prime fee, will now feature ads, and customers anticipating a price increase express their discontent.

Upset customers take to social media to vent their frustration, with some considering a boycott of Amazon Prime over the perceived degradation of their streaming experience.

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