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Repeat Winner Nets $150,000 Jackpot Astonished as Same Strategy

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Dana Bickham from Suffolk, Virginia suddenly won a huge lottery prize for the second time in a year. Bickham won $150,000 in the September 2023 Virginia Lottery Pick 4 drawing with a creative method. He won $125,000 in May using the identical way, which is even more amazing.

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Lottery Mastery: $150,000 Win Twice with the Same $1 Ticket Strategy!

Multiple $1 tickets with the four-digit combination 1-1-2-9 were Bickham’s winning strategy. He succeeded with the identical strategy in May, but with 3-5-6-8. He was shocked and disbelieving by his recurrent achievement. “I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’” The method worked again.

The September drawing rewarded $5,000 for the correct numbers, which Bickham multiplied by all 30 tickets to win $150,000. Tickets were bought at Suffolk Holiday Food Store. Bickham said he would save and travel with the winnings.

Bickham’s luck is remarkable, given the Virginia Lottery estimates only 1 in 10,000 people match all four numbers. Bickham did this twice in a few months.

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Powerball Players: $100,000 Winning Ticket Expires Soon – Check Yours Now!

Players of the Powerball game have been urged to check their tickets. A $100,000 August draw reward expires soon. Win with 32, 34, 37, 39, 47, and a red Powerball of 03. The Denham Springs, Louisiana gas station sold the winning ticket, and the winner has until 5 pm on February 10 to claim it.

Once identified, state lottery officials advise treating the winning ticket like cash to avoid loss. Powerball gamers who may have a winning ticket are excited by the urgency. The winner must claim their $100,000 reward before time runs out.

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