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Americans Can Claim $100 from Verizon Settlement

Verizon settlement
Americans can claim $100 from Verizon settlement. (Photo: Getty)

Millions of Americans across the country can claim $100 from Verizon after it agreed to pay a $100 million settlement in a class action lawsuit.

Verizon settlement

Americans can claim $100 from Verizon settlement. (Photo: Getty)

$100 Million Settlement from Verizon

A class action lawsuit was filed against Verizon after the telecom was accused of misleading its customers. The plaintiff said that Verizon did not include an administrative charge in its advertised prices. However, the company agreed to pay $100 million but denied any wrongdoing.

In a published article in CNET, the plaintiff stated that Verizon “implemented, charged, and increased an administrative fee for postpaid wireless or data services in a deceptive and unfair manner.”

Meanwhile, Verizon spokesperson said, “The company clearly identifies and describes its wireless consumer Admin Charge multiple times during the sales transaction, as well as in its marketing, contracts, and billing. This charge helps our company recover certain regulatory compliance and network-related costs.”

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Are You Qualified To Get $100?

According to a published article in The Hill, current and former customers of Verizon who were charged with administrative charge or an administrative and telco recovery charge between Jan. 1, 2016, and Nov. 8, 2023 are qualified to get $100.

Furthermore, on the official website of Verizon administrative charge settlement website, those who received a notice about the settlement by email or mail are qualified for the claim.

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