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Bucks County’s Lucky Streak: Jackpot Joy as $451,760 Pennsylvania Lottery Win Paints the Town Gold!

Bucks County Strikes Gold with a $451,760 Pennsylvania Lottery Win! (Photo: Google)

The Pennsylvania Lottery announced a $451,760 jackpot victory for one lucky Pennsylvanian.

Bucks County Strikes Gold with a $451,760 Pennsylvania Lottery Win! (Photo: Google)

Fortune Unleashed in Bucks County

The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner winning ticket was found in Bucks County on Saturday, January 6, revealing this jackpot. The 7-Eleven at 932 Street Road in Southampton sold the winning ticket and will get a $500 bonus.

Fast Play $10 games like Winner Winner Chicken Dinner have progressive top rewards starting at $150,000. Fast Play games offer rapid rewards without scratching a ticket or waiting for a drawing. Any Lottery sales terminal or self-service touchscreen vending terminal may quickly print these games.

Players can check their tickets, scan them at a Lottery shop, or use the Ticket Checker on the Pennsylvania Lottery App to find the golden ticket. The lucky winner of this top prize-winning Fast Play ticket must sign the back and call the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481 immediately.

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Important Steps and Timelines for Fast Play Winners

While the excitement builds, prizes must be claimed and tickets confirmed before the winner is announced. All Fast Play rewards must be claimed within one year of ticket purchase. Reminder: lottery wins above $5,000 are subject to withholding.

Fast Play games are a thrilling way to try your luck and win big. Some games include a progressive top reward that grows until claimed, and tickets must be printed at purchase. The reward resets instantly after winning, restarting anticipation. For Fast Play game instructions, visit

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