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$1,312 Will Start To Hit Your Bank Accounts Today!

Permanent Fund Dividend
Americans will start receivening extra money from Permanent Fund Dividend. (Photo:CNET)

Millions of Americans will start to receive their $1,312 as part of the annual program called Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend Program.

Permanent Fund Dividend

Americans will start receiving extra money from the Permanent Fund Dividend. (Photo:CNET)

$1,312 Permanent Fund Dividend Program

Every year, the state of Alakas gives its residents a part of the state’s oil and mineral wealth. It is a direct payment given to eligible taxpayers in the state. The Permanent Fund Dividend was established in 1976 after oil was discovered in that part of the state.

In a published article in The U.S. Sun, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed that an amount of $3,000 be sent to Americans, but the exact amount will not be known until late June this year. Moreover, the state has been known for its rare example of giving extra sources of money to its residents.

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When is the Estimated Release of PFD?

According to a published article on the official website of the State of Alaska Department of Revenue, the following information about the release of the Permanent Fund Dividend is important:

  • Those who were already “eligible-not-paid” for 2023’s amount by January 10 can expect a payout on January 18, 2024.
  • Those reaching that status by February 7 will be paid on February 15.
  • The last chance for those proving eligibility is March 13. Those final Alaskans to be payed will get their checks on March 21.

Furthermore, officials in the state are still wrangling over the size of the amount of the check this 2024. There could still be changes in the upcoming days.

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