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Ann Arbor Launches Guaranteed Income Program: $528 Monthly Payments for 100 Residents, Criteria Revealed

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Under the Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor (GIG A2) initiative, which is supported by a $1.6 million federal grant from the American Rescue Plan, 100 randomly chosen residents will receive $528 each month for two years. The Universal Basic Income (UBI) initiative, which aims to assist self-employed people, small company owners, and entrepreneurs, also contains a survey component. Participants, both recipients and non-recipients, will get $50 for each completed survey. The program’s objective is to monitor financial health, and applications for the first payment cycle are already closed.

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UBI Program Aids Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Individuals

As a component of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement, Ann Arbor’s GIG A2 program will give 100 people $528 per month for a period of two years. The program, which is supported by the government American Rescue Plan, is designed to help self-employed people, small business owners, and entrepreneurs get over financial obstacles.

Apart from the monetary support, a second group of 100 individuals will participate in surveys to track financial well-being. Both payment recipients and survey participants will receive $50 for each completed survey, adding an additional incentive to engage in the program.

City councilmember Linh Song, during the program’s launch, highlighted its significance in demonstrating the ongoing need for financial investments beyond short-term relief measures like eviction moratoriums and additional SNAP benefits.

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Eligibility Criteria and Future Possibilities

The $1.6 million GIG A2 program, a result of federal funding, has already closed its first round of applications. Eligibility criteria include Michigan residents with incomes at or below 225% of the federal poverty line, extending the opportunity to those in homeless shelters in Ann Arbor.

Side hustlers and individuals aiming to start businesses, including musicians, artists, independent contractors, and freelancers, are also eligible for the program. The diverse scope reflects the intention to support various forms of entrepreneurial endeavors.

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