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A Teen’s Lunch Money Turns Out to Be a $204,000 Rare Find

1943 rare coins
A very rare 1943 metal Lincoln penny is being sold for $204,000. (Photo: KSDK)
rare coins

A teen’s pocket change could net a six-figure sum for a rare coin. (Photo: USA Today)

A Teen’s Remarkable Discovery: The 1943 Bronze Lincoln Penny

In a strange turn of events, a high school student’s lunch money turned out to contain a 1943 Lincoln Penny. The teen found what looked like an everyday coin in his pocket. It turned out to be one of America’s most valuable and sought-after coins, selling for an unbelievable $204,000 at an auction in Orlando, Florida, in 2019.

This coin is very special because it is made of rare bronze, which was a mistake made during World War II when bronze was very important for military use. It was thought that these bronze pennies didn’t exist because the US Mint strongly rejected them. That is until high school student Don Lutes found one in the cafeteria of his Pittsfield, Massachusetts, school in 1947. Only 10 to 15 of these coins are thought to exist, which makes them even more valuable and appealing according to a report published by Sun.

Luckily, Don Lutes kept the coin safe until he died in 2006. When Heritage Auctions sold the coin, it was the first time it had been to a sale since Lutes found it when he was only 16.

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A fascinating story about a rare 1943 Lincoln Penny joins others about strange finds, such as a rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel that sold for $4.5 million after being found in a desk drawer and a couple who found a treasure trove of historic coins worth $850,000 under their house while they were remodeling.

Amazingly, this story is a fun reminder of how hidden treasures can be found in the strangest places, making collectors and fans feel amazed and thrilled.

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