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PSE&G Urges Northeast Residents to Brace for Stormy Weekend – Stay Prepared!

Hurricane Alert. Stay prepared. (Photo: Google)

On Saturday, the storm got stronger, bringing tornadoes to Tennessee and rain to a large area from Houston to Cleveland.

Hurricane Alert (Photo: Google)

Storm Chaos: Cross-Country Intensity and Severe Impacts

Cross-country storms developed Saturday. Houston to Cleveland rain and Texas to Kentucky storms. Tennessee suffered the most, with five fatalities and substantial property damage. Rain and wind will hit the East Coast from Maine to Florida on Sunday.

Power outages and coastal flooding scare many. New Jersey’s largest gas and electric supplier, PSE&G, advised consumers to prepare and promised to alert them immediately and safely of power outages. They reported increased staff. “We are expecting strong winds and heavy rain in the northern parts of the state beginning Sunday afternoon and going through Monday,” said X. “New Jersey, please keep an eye on the weather reports and stay dry!”

NYEMS advised against driving on Sunday and Monday. “New Yorkers are used to bad weather, but we want to remind them to watch the forecast and be ready,” Mayor Eric Adams wrote Saturday. Expect heavy rains and high winds Sunday night and Monday morning. Everyone should safeguard themselves and their property against flooding.

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Tornado Tragedy Hits Tennessee Amid Cross-Country Storms

Tennessee recorded tornado fatalities and damage. Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee issued tornado watches and warnings. The extreme weather was caused by an unstable front of humid Gulf of Mexico air and chilly northern air. The deaths happened in Clarksville and northern Nashville. At least 23 Montgomery County residents were hospitalized.

A Gibson County fire station was destroyed by a tornado. The severe weather storm moved east from Tennessee, sparing Kentucky.

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