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Up To $1,300 in One-Time Tax Rebates Were Sent to Minnesotans, Gov. Walz Releases a Statement

One-time tax rebates
One-time tax rebates in Minnesota. (Photo: CNN)

More than two million eligible residents in Minnesota received one-time tax rebates of up to $1,300, but Gov. Walz released a statement of disappointment.

One-time tax rebates

One-time tax rebates in Minnesota. (Photo: CNN)

One-Time Tax Rebates in Minnesota

States across the country have already started releasing their own stimulus checks or one-time tax rebates to help their residents combat the impact of the rising inflation rate. This is another source of income that Americans can utilize to meet their daily needs.

In a published article in CBS News, more than 2 million residents in Minnesota have already received a one-time tax rebate that ranges between $260 to $1,300 as part of the $3 billion One Minnesota Budget signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz in May.

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Gov. Walz Released a Statement

According to an article published in MPRNews, Gov. Walz released a statement on Wednesday and said that he is disappointed with the action of the Internal Revenue Service. The one-time tax rebate is not taxable in the local level but is taxable in the federal level.

Furthermore, Ryan Brown with the Minnesota Department of Revenue tells WCCO that while the rebates are not taxable in Minnesota, he said, “We will be sending form 1099-MISC to all rebate recipients for them to use when filing their federal individual income tax return in 2024.”

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