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No Tax Hike: Wayne Township Maintains 1.24 Millage Rate in 2024 Budget

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Homeowners dwelling in Wayne Township are elated as there is no tax increase for 2024, and the millage rate remains unchanged at 1.24 since approximately six or seven years ago.

The mill tax rate of 1.24 has been announced for 2024, and residents are looking forward to a hassle-free tax bill calculation in 2024. Taxpayers will, therefore, have a simple means of calculating what they should pay as taxes for the coming year. In addition, homeowners are advised to estimate taxes by multiplying their property’s assessed value by the coefficient of 0.00124. For instance, a residential property is valued at $100,000 and $124 for township tax assessment.

A budget of $1,117,690 for Wayne Township has been open for investigation. Persons interested in doing so can easily check the budget by traveling up Scota Road to the municipal building or visiting the official site with an appropriate section in the “Dates and Information” line.

The budget’s revenue projections involve many sources, but most come from state funds and are estimated at approximately $137,000. Moreover, the company expects interest earnings to generate $10,000 towards its total revenue. It is expected that real estate taxes will be significant contributors to revenue to the tune of $106,050. In addition, a significant part of the anticipated revenue, amounting to $297,440, is likely to come from intergovernment revenue, making the picture even brighter for the budget. A number of financial sources joined forces to offer impressive financial support for the cause. Interestingly, it is notable that an Act 13 grant worth $237,635 has been secured and given to this organization, plus another very generous free donation of $9,000 was given to this organization by Foreign Fire Insurance. Furthermore, the sewer authority revenue has contributed another $41,000, and so has county aid at $7,000. These are some of the many contributions that cumulatively made a notable contribution to the project.

These include expenses for health care, education, transport, and other expenses. They allocate $50,000, which accounts for significant snow removal. The remaining part is made up of other general costs on highways, including administrative costs, oil, tires, small equipment, etc. $185 000 has been earmarked for road maintenance, one of the key aspects of keeping up the infrastructure. In this regard, it shows that the municipality spent 56,200 dollars on insurance and employee benefits. Finally, the importance of the secretary’s irreplaceable position is recognized with an income of $35,000. The budget has also appropriated a large amount of $400,000 for a capital reserve. 

Mark Sander, a well-known board member, pointed out that the forthcoming budget largely reflected its forerunner in his statement made public today. The person made an important observation, saying that the savings accounts yielded interest, and hence, this was a welcome benefit of admirable financial control. However, these accounts are playing a critical role in reducing the anticipated increase in utility bills, especially on fuel. 

Recently, an announcement by Sander, the township spokesperson, indicated an earmark of funds for purchasing equipment. Most importantly, a new backhoe was purchased just recently, considering the old one is in dire need of replacement. The company also intends to purchase a replacement for its 1998 work truck, which is always giving it problems. 

On Monday, December 18, 2023, the town hall meeting will be conducted from seven o’clock in the evening until the moment when the proposed budget is approved or not by the councilmen. A meeting aimed at re-organization will also take place on

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