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Arizona 4th Stimulus Check: $750 Will Be Sent to Eligible Residents

4th stimulus check
4th stimulus check in Arizona. (Photo: Inquirer)

Around 743,000 eligible residents in Arizona will receive an amount of $750 under the Arizona Families Tax Rebates as a form of 4th stimulus check.

4th stimulus check

4th stimulus check in Arizona. (Photo: Inquirer)

$750 4th Stimulus Check in Arizona

There are nine states in the country that distribute their own form of stimulus checks. One of them is Arizona which will send $750 to eligible families under the Arizona Families Tax Rebates. It is estimated that there will be around 743,000 who will benefit from this program.

In a published article in MARCA, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signed the bill into law as part of the state’s fiscal 2024 budget. She said, “As someone who at times relied on assistance to get by, I know that every penny counts. I made a promise that when I took office, I would take every opportunity I had to make it easier for Arizonans to provide for their families and lower the cost of living.”

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How to Qualify for the $750 4th Stimulus Check?

According to a published article in The Gazette, not everyone will qualify in the program. Applicants need to meet the following:

  • Must be an Arizona resident and have filed a full-year resident personal income return for the 2021 tax year.
  • Must also have claimed at least one dependent tax credit in that 2021 tax return.
  • Must have filed that 2021 tax return as the only taxpayer on the single, married filing separate, or head of household return or as the primary or first-listed taxpayer if married filing jointly.

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