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Powerball Ticket Expirations Loom for Unclaimed $50,000 Prizes in Minnesota and Beyond

A $50,000 Delaware Lottery Powerball prize purchased in Bethany Beach remains unclaimed, and another prize from Seaford is still outstanding, underlining the significance of promptly checking Delaware Lottery Powerball tickets after each draw. (Photo: mix949)

Unclaimed $50,000 Powerball Prizes in Minnesota Nearing Expiration

Minnesota lottery players have limited time to verify their Powerball tickets, with three unclaimed $50,000 prizes nearing expiration due to impending powerball ticket expirations.(Photo: b105country)

Three $50,000 Powerball Prizes in Minnesota Nearing Expiration

According to source, Minnesota lottery players are on the clock to check their Powerball tickets as three unclaimed Powerball prizes, each worth $50,000, are set to expire within days due to impending powerball ticket expirations. The first powerball ticket was purchased at My Store in Outing, Minnesota, on November 5, 2022, expiring on Sunday emphasizing the importance of preventing powerball ticket expirations.

The second powerball ticket, bought at a Kwik Trip in Waite Park, Minnesota, on November 7, 2022, will expire on Tuesday, underlining the significance of avoiding powerball ticket expirations. The last powerball ticket was acquired at a Love’s Truck Stop in Columbus, Minnesota, on November 12, 2022, expiring on November 12, 2023, highlighting the looming powerball ticket expirations.

It’s a reminder that Minnesota lottery players should check their Powerball tickets, as these unclaimed prizes are only valid for one year before they expire, so players should double-check their Powerball tickets to see if they hold one of the lucky prizes to prevent powerball ticket expirations.

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Nationwide Unclaimed Prizes: Iowa, California, and Rhode Island Join Minnesota in Urging Ticket Verification

In addition to Minnesota, unclaimed prizes are a nationwide concern. In Iowa, there’s a $2 million prize waiting to be claimed from a Casey’s convenience store in Tiffin, Iowa, highlighting the need to avoid powerball ticket expirations. In California, a $5.4 million prize remains unclaimed, with the winning Powerball ticket sold at a liquor store in Burbank, emphasizing the urgency of preventing powerball ticket expirations.

Rhode Island also has multiple unclaimed $50,000 Powerball tickets, making it vital for lottery players to promptly verify their Powerball tickets to avoid missing out on substantial prizes and prevent powerball ticket expirations.

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