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Stimulus Check: Up To $750 Tax Rebates Will Be Sent to Thousands of Residents in Arizona; Are You Qualified?

Tax rebate
Up to $750 tax rebates will be sent to thousands of residents in Arizona. (Photo: NPR)

The Arizona Department of Revenue announced that approximately 743,000 taxpayers in Arizona will receive a tax rebate up to $750.

Tax rebate

Up to $750 tax rebates will be sent to thousands of residents in Arizona. (Photo: NPR)

$750 Tax Rebate for Taxpayers in Arizona

Around 743,000 taxpayers in Arizona are expected to receive an amount of up to $750 at the end of this month. The Arizona Department of Revenue confirmed from a news outlet that hundreds of thousands of residents in the state will expect extra money.

In a published article in Yahoo Finance, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signed the $17.8 billion budget after she negotiated with the Republican lawmakers. An amount of $260 million was approved as a tax rebate to year-round residents.

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Qualification for the $750 Tax Rebate in Arizona

According to an article published in NASDAQ, taxpayers who filed their state income tax return for 2019, 2020 or 2021 can claim the tax rebate. The following are some of the important information you should know:

  • If families had a tax liability of at least $1 in any of those years, they’ll receive a one-time $250 rebate for each child 17 or younger in 2021, up to a maximum of $750.
  • Those with older dependents are eligible to receive $100 credit for each, up to $300.
  • Those who had dependents in 2021 are eligible. New parents in 2022 are not.
  • Anyone with a dependent of any age qualifies for the $100 tax rebate.

Furthermore, Tax attorney Bob Kamman also said that for anyone in the state who had a live-in partner but did not have an income, the taxpayer can declare them as dependent and they can claim an amount of $100.

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