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Unclaimed Lottery Prizes in USA Set to Expires – Lottery Officials Urge The Players to Check Their Tickets

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes in USA Set to Expires. (Photo: WMTW)

Unclaimed lottery prizes costed million of dollars every years, hence, lottery officials are urging players to check their tickets as an unclaimed lottery ticket, won in Fayette City, Pennsylvania last year, is nearing its expiration.

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes in USA Set to Expires. (Photo: Block Club Chicago)

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes In USA Particulary In Pennsylvania

According to The US Sun, last October 18, 2022, a player from Pennssylvania won $250, 000 on Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket with a winning number of 3-10-11-30-35, sold in Perryopolis. The unclaimed lottery prize is set to expires on October 18, and it must be filed with the PA lottery, either by mail or at a Lottery Area Office.

According to the law, unclaimed lottery prizes are directed towards supporting programs that support the elderly residents. Moreover, the rules regarding the unclaimed lottery prizes varies from state to state, and also how to claim the unclaimed lottery prizes.

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Similar Incident of Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

According to Fox Business, over $2.68 billion from Powerball and MegaMillions unclaimed lottery prizes are still waiting for their owners to step forward. The largest-ever Mega Million prize, $1.6 billion, was sold in Florida, and the has yet to claim it before February 4, 2024.

Unclaimed lottery prizes also happen in California. A $1.08 billion Powerball ticket remains an unclaimed lottery prize. Winners have up to a year to claim their prize, and the verification process can take a weeks or months. A previous $2 billion Powerball winner hired a security but kept a low profile but kept a low profile, adhearing to California state law requiring disclosure of full names.

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