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Social Security news: Millions will get direct payments totaling up to $4,555 in the next two days

Social Security
The first installment of September's monthly Social Security payouts for retired seniors, worth up to $4,555, will be distributed this week. (Photo:

Only those who were born between the first and tenth of their birth month will receive the first wave of payments, which will be made on Sept. 13, the second Wednesday of the month. On September 20, the second payout will be made available to retirees who were born between the ages of 11 and 20. For individuals who were born on or after September 21, the last round of payouts will be distributed a week later, on September 27.

Social Security

The first installment of September’s monthly Social Security payouts for retired seniors, worth up to $4,555, will be distributed this week. (Photo: MSN)

Another group of senior citizens in retirement receives monthly retirement benefits

According to a report from Washington Examiner, these seniors include those who retired before 1997, those who receive both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, and American retirees who reside abroad. No matter what day of the month they were born, the group were paid on September 7.

These payments are distinct from other checks issued by the Social Security Administration, such as Supplemental Security Income or disability insurance.

Several factors, notably the retiree’s age, affect the maximum payments for each retiree.

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If seniors retire at the earliest age of 62, they can get up to $2,572 each month

According to the Social Security Administration, those who delay retirement until age 70 can get up to $4,555 per month in benefits while those who retire at the full retirement age of 67 can receive a maximum check of $3,627 per month.

If Congress cannot agree on funding for the program before its trust expires in the following ten years, changes to the government retirement program may be required soon.

People who already receive Social Security would not be impacted by potential program changes, which include altering the way payments are made and how much beneficiaries get.

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