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Propose Twin Luxury Waterfront Condos Redefine Tallest Towers and Largest Structures in Tampa Bay Region: Clearwater Skyline Set for Transformation

Proposed luxury waterfront condos at Tampa Bay. (Photo: Google)

Proposed luxury waterfront condos could transform Clearwater Skyline with tallest towers in the city.

Proposed luxury waterfront condos at Tampa Bay. (Photo: Google)

Clearwater’s Skyline Transformation: Proposed Luxury Waterfront Condos Aim to Surpass Current Tallest Building

In an article published by Tampa Bay Times, Moises Agami, a developer, proposed a twin Luxury Waterfront Condos on Clearwater’s southern downtown boundary that could potentially become the tallest in the city and among the largest in Tampa Bay. The two 35-story towers, at a towering 470 feet, would far surpass the present tallest building, Water’s Edge, at 264 feet and 26 stories.

These Luxury Waterfront Condos would be more than double the height of nearby structures like the Oaks of Clearwater assisted living facility and the Prelude 80 condo. The ambitious project has sparked astonishment and concern, with local residents like Maryellen Gordon questioning the fit within the neighborhood.

Despite requests for additional units beyond the city’s limit, the project, twin Luxury Waterfront Condos, won’t undergo a Community Development Board vote due to recent streamlined development standards.

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Controversy Surrounds Proposed Luxury Waterfront Condos Over Height, Environmental Impact, and City Regulations

Bay Valor Capital, Agami’s, the firm who proposed the Luxury Waterfront Condos, declined to address questions about project rationale, costs, and financing. Agami’s statement expressed enthusiasm for contributing to Clearwater’s downtown vision. His latest project, Luxury Waterfront Condos,  aims to build 223 units across two towers, seeking additional units from the city’s incentive pool.

A recent code change allows staff to allocate units without a Community Development Board vote. However, concerns about impact on views, environment, and structural safety have arisen.

The 470-foot, Luxury Waterfront Condos project would stand among Tampa Bay’s tallest structures and raises questions about coastal development given climate change risks.

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