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Implementation of Tax Rate Increase for 2023-2024: Set to Take Effect at Laurel County School District

Increase Tax Rate of Laurel Country School District. (Photo: Google)

Embarking on a new fiscal journey, the Laurel County School District unveils its meticulously crafted tax rate increase for the 2023-24 season. 

4% Tax rate increase of Laurel Country School District. (Photo: Google)

Amidst a 4% tax rate increase, enhanced assessments prevent the school district from heightening taxes on individuals and businesses.

In an article published by Sentinel Echo, in the 2023-24 tax season, Laurel County School District establishes rates. Despite a 4% tax rate increase, augmented assessments sustain the rise without burdening individuals and businesses. Board members, convening bi-monthly, set rates: real estate at 46.2, personal property at 46.5, motor vehicle tax at 46.3, utility tax at 3%, all valued at $100.”

According to Interim Superintendent Denise Griebel’s update, amidst the tax rate increase, the 2023-24 school year began positively, with enrollment slightly lower than the previous year on the first day. However, more students registered on Monday.

Griebel added that although there are some vacant positions, having the tax rate increase this year there is a significant improvement, with every school now having principals and a sufficient number of bus drivers and cooks.

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The tax increase rate includes developments on school’s facilities and staff enhancements 

In a recent development, Architect David Jackson and Construction Managers Ray Vaske provided a comprehensive update on the status of ongoing school projects following the tax rate increase of the school, shedding light on significant advancements and changes. 

The Day Treatment facility is progressing to its final phase with the removal of an unsafe wall. North Laurel High School’s expanded cafeteria is operational, offering more space for students. Meanwhile, South Laurel High School’s new entrance, designed for enhanced security, nears completion.

These updates highlight the ongoing advancements in school projects, emphasizing improved functionality and student well-being. Even amidst a tax rate increase, the commitment to quality remains steadfast. As the projects evolve, the schools are embracing modernity and thoughtful design within the changing financial landscape following the 4% tax rate increase.

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