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Increased Student’s Eligibility for SNAP in Pennsylvania: Widening Access

Student's Eligibility for Snap Expansion. (Photo: Google)

Enhanced the college student’s eligibility for Snaps in Pennsylvania

Expansion on student’s eligibility for SNAP. (Photo: YouTube)

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Expands the student’s eligibility for SNAP Benefits to Assist College Students in Need

In an article published by WGAL News 8 Today, on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services announced the expansion of the student’s eligibility for SNAP, enabling more college students to qualify, regardless of previous restrictions tied to their student status.

According to Temple University’s findings, nearly a third (29%) of students in four-year colleges encounter challenges with having consistent access to food. The eligibility of students for SNAP benefits might affect their ability to enroll in an institution.

DHS secretary, Dr. Val Arkoosh pointed out that college students are managing a multitude of financial obligations as they invest in their educational pursuits. He emphasized that broadening the criteria for students to qualify for SNAP benefits would alleviate the concerns of these students regarding fulfilling one of their fundamental necessities.

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Purpose of the expansion of student’s eligibility for Snap

The Shapiro Administration has come up with a fresh approach, allowing the expansion of student’s eligibility for SNAP benefits. The main goal is to support college students who are focused on improving their employability post-graduation. This move ensures that these students get quick assistance to meet their basic needs.

Educational institutions all across the Commonwealth are being encouraged to carefully assess the criteria for this expanded flexibility, taking into consideration the student’s eligibility for Snap benefits. They are also urged to swiftly move forward with the program accreditation process.

This step is intended to offer help to students who might be dealing with expenses related to their education and personal finances, including the student’s eligibility for SNAP benefits.

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