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Texas Receives $3.3 Billion in Federal Funding to Boost Broadband Expansion Efforts

Broadband Expansion
Broadband Expansion ( Photo: CNET )

Texas will receive more than $3.3 billion in federal funding to expand broadband availability nationwide, more than any other state.

Broadband Expansion

Broadband Expansion ( Photo: Cardinal & Pine )

BEAD program includes more than $14 billion in funding for affordable connectivity programs

$2 billion for the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program and $2 billion for the USDA Reconnect Program, which provides loans and grants to build broadband infrastructure in eligible rural communities. Texas and other states can submit initial funding proposals from July 1 through December 27. After the National Telecommunications Information Administration continues to approve the proposal states and territories will have access to at least 20% of the proposed funding.

The $3.3 billion in federal grants will encourage investment by Texas legislators during this year’s legislative session

House Bill 9 introduced by Rep. Governor Greg Abbott signed into law this month, and Texans are expected to vote on final approval of the fund in November. In a statement issued Monday, the Texas Cable Association welcomed the funding announcement, saying the investment would go a long way toward closing the state’s information divide. By 2030, the Biden administration expects every state and territory to have the resources to connect everyone in the country, according to the statement.


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