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The High Cost Of Living Is causing Californians To Consider Leaving The Country

Californians Leaving
Californians Leaving ( Photo: The Desert Sun )

California’s appeal prompted many people to settle in the state. Great weather, beaches, opportunities, and being among the top 5 economies in the world all contribute to its appeal.

Californians Leaving

Californians Leaving ( Photo: – Bae Area and Beyond )

Housing costs are also a reason for 56% of respondents being dissatisfied

The cost of building a home in California per square foot is higher and continues to rise. Just over half of the residents surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with the safety of their local neighborhood. Another area of ​​dissatisfaction is the state of the economy, 68% of respondents are completely dissatisfied, but the cost of daily living is the most concerned with 81% of residents expressing dissatisfaction. This is important because food prices account for nearly 14% of the consumer price index, second only to housing. It is also not an optional cost.

California is home to four of the 10 US cities with the highest cost of living, according to the Council on Economic and Community Research

Californians have left the state for less expensive places like Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. In 2022, the state’s population fell for the third year in a row, down 138,443, the California Department of Finance reported last month. The California Community Survey found that despite the high costs, most people living in the state are happy because they enjoy diversity and opportunities. Sixty-eight percent of the respondents said that living in California was important to their identity, a place where they felt comfortable and fit.


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