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Illinois’ Program To Use Taxpayers To Subsidize Health Care For Noncitizens Draws Criticism From All Quarters

Illinois Health Care
Illinois Health Care ( Photo: The New York Times )

Governor J.B. Pritzker continues to face resistance to freezing some of the programs that subsidize health care for noncitizens from taxpayers.

Illinois Health Care

Illinois Health Care ( Photo: Fox News )

Taxpayers subsidize health care for noncitizens

Tovia Siegel said grassroots groups and lawmakers held a protest in Chicago on Friday. They are calling on the governor to rescind his decision to freeze health care programs for noncitizens aged 42 to 64. “Ultimately, we want all ages, regardless of immigration status, to be covered,” Siegel told The Media. “They are low-income immigrants.” Mr. Pritzker announced earlier this month that he would introduce copays of up to $250 for healthcare programs for noncitizens and freeze programs for people between the ages of 42 and 64. If more than 16,500 noncitizens enroll the 65+ program will be frozen.

The total budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 is $550 million raised from taxpayers for this program

State Senator Steve McClure said the whole idea was unsustainable. “If you invest your money here, you have no money to invest anywhere else. “It’s really frustrating for all of us. McClure said taxpayer funding is limited and criticized the majority of Democrats for not recognizing this when approving immigrant health care funding.


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