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Almost 2 Million Texans Are On The Verge Of Losing Medicaid Insurance

Lose Coverage
Lose Coverage ( Photo: Texas Monthly )

A bill passed by Congress last year cuts Medicaid benefits for the first time since the pandemic began three years ago. Texas is on track to cut registrations by about 20%.

Lose Coverage

Lose Coverage ( Photo: Houston Public Media )

About 15 million people nationwide could lose Medicaid protection under a law passed by Congress last year. This process is already underway in Texas

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, the federal government declared a public health emergency and helped expand testing, treatment, and telemedicine options. It also increased funding for state Medicaid programs to ensure no one loses coverage during the pandemic. Continuous registration is scheduled to close on March 31. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission which oversees enrollment in the state’s public health programs has posted information online and by mail about this deadline and ways to register for those who qualify.

People start their pregnancy in poor health, so they have very difficult pregnancy outcomes

Texas lawmakers introduced bills extending Medicaid coverage from pregnancy to 12 months postpartum during this legislative session. Forester says expanding coverage will help improve pregnancy and newborn health. Forester said she worries about pregnant women who will now lose coverage two months after giving birth. This is because Texas has not yet expanded Medicaid coverage. About half a million Texans are currently on Medicaid while pregnant, according to HHSC data from January 2023.


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